Say "Hello" here ...!

  • Hey all! I’d like to convey my sincerest thanks to DecentM for the time and effort that has been put into creating I’m feeling very optimistic that the Userstyles community will embrace and actively help make this site the go-to destination for quality userstyles.

  • I’m really glad you like it, it’s been great to get feedback so far!
    I hope the site will prove useful to you guys, and that the original mentality won’t be lost.

  • Stylus developer

    I hope this site becomes the go-to userstyle site as well! Good luck! We’ll try to support you as much as we can.

  • Let this be my very first post.

  • Just wanted to drop by and say I’m excited about this project. It’s a shame that CSS devs don’t get much respect. I already uploaded some styles and I’m ready to work on new ones!

  • @tkosamja said in Say “Hello” here ...!:

    It’s a shame that CSS devs don’t get much respect.

    Yep, it takes time to understand body > .container a:not(:hover) 😉

    @tkosamja said in Say “Hello” here ...!:

    I already uploaded some styles and I’m ready to work on new ones!

    Thank you, welcome!

  • @decentm said in Say “Hello” here ...!:

    Yep, it takes time to understand body > .container a:not(:hover)

    It’s not much about the difficulty to code, but the patience it evolves. Making a theme to a big site can be very time consuming.

  • @tkosamja Long time no see.

    Well, I am quite fast at theming websites myself. But the real time involved is not the 1-3 days you need to theme a site is more the time you need to invest too keep the website themed. Different sites change their CSS so as a theme developer myself I have to try and catch up. Websites that have their code made with tools such as anything google makes or WhatsApp ar the worst because they just need to change 1 thing and bam, the theme is broken.

    Another annoying thing is when I have to work around work arounds. Or when I have to take the time to theme this one element that hides itself, or to make images in inkscape (or just take them from breeze-dark or la-capitaine XD) and use those for the site.

  • Hello @RaitaroH
    I would agree with you, but what makes me feel this way is that sometimes I spend a lot of time and effort into a theme that, maybe, I will be the only one using. This feels like wasted time since I could be doing something different like learning another programming language, for example.
    But yes, indeed, it’s a pain in the ass when websites change their code. One good example is YouTube and I would like to personally say to you that I appreciate your effort into theming the new website.

    I’m a big fan of your themes and I hope one day we can make a theme together. Ahah keep up the good work.

  • @tkosamja XD You started from the wrong place. I make themes for myself because I can’t stand the white theme. If I have to spend hours to do it so be it. If nobody uses it so be it. Heck, I made my Classic Youtube theme way before I put it up online. Have an internal reward for anything you do. It should be intrinsic, that is, you want to do it because the action of doing it is enjoyable. For example how there are like 1 or 2 people you can talk with for hours and you just enjoy it, but with others you can’t speak for 5 min without thinking how to introduce the favor you want to ask? Same thing with themes, write them for yourself, people will come.

    When it comes to making themes with other people, say you, as longs as you do something so I won’t have too we’re set 😛
    If you want you can contribute to the dark theme for this site. I already have a couple of issues opened. One cannot be fixed right now, the most recent one is me not finding how to keep an element from hiding and another element that needs separate theming that I still didn’t fix nor do I know what it is even for:
    Or this:
    So yeah, make a fork, do some pulls, leave some issues. You can help in many ways.

    EDIT: Also, stop having the CSS inline like that, is a pain to read. You can also add variables to enable options in stylus.

  • @RaitaroH Yes, I see your point. What I feel sometimes is that, even if I make them for myself, the effort/return is not worth it. I have a lot of themes semi-made in which I just gave up working.

    Thanks, I’ll check around your themes and fix issues or improve them.

    Why do you think that? I personally hated inline css at first but after trying it I feel like it’s easier to read the id’s/classes and find something quicker.

  • Well I theme the other way around. The rules {} are copy-pasted most often from other selectors. So I can say that I theme the other way around. I also add selectors to a preexisting rules too. So that’s why I dislike the inline.

  • I get it, but it’s a personal choice. I’ll try to start using variables when I start a new theme from scratch.

  • tkosamja said:

    I get it, but it’s a personal choice. I’ll try to start using variables when I start a new theme from scratch.

    That is a good choice.

  • Hello world 🙂

  • Hello!
    I’m really excited about this.
    I see that there is still a lot of work to do, but i believe that it will be a real alternative to userstyles.

  • Alternative… pfff
    Replace 😏

  • Hello y’all!
    I’m a CS student from Germany, but I have no prior experience doing CSS - I only recently got into user styles when I was looking around to make Google Search easier on the eyes at night and found all the themes to be ugly, broken or both.
    As a result I forked the most popular dark Google theme which was unmaintained for a year, fixed it up, made it customizable and put it back up. It’s well on its way to 500 installs per week now.
    In the meantime, I found the userstyle situation for Twitter to be similarly dire, which led me to create my first own style (no big alterations, just a recoloring).
    I pride myself on creating the most comprehensive and accurate dark styles available and spend quite a bit of time achieving that - I also try to fix found issues as quick as possible.

    Currently I’m working on creating a new dark Google Search style from scratch (I’m already pretty far along), as I found the one I forked to be rather unmaintainable (no documentation at all) - and I’m only going to release it here and on Github since not having to set every rule !important as Stylish requires will make it vastly less finicky.

    I’m really looking forward for this site to grow and provide a better home to all the great userstyles out there, and I believe it has good chances to do so with all the awesome work @DecentM has done and is still doing!

  • Nice work on the Twitter theme!
    You and @RaitaroH have very good tastes with dark themes.

    Thanks for the praise, I’m pretty happy about how the site’s grown so far, let’s hope it keeps heading that way 👍🏼

  • @hyperfekt Same here, but replace google with youtube and forked theme with extension. After that I just bloody did it from scratch. Also replace google search with DuckDuckGo.

    I have considered doing google and even gmail but to be hones I will be wasting my time anyway considering I am not using them too much and they will change anyway. Just youtube alone is a pain enough. But good luck with that I guess.

    Edit: You will have to activate the Night Mode for it to work properly. Ah… ts, I see, got lazy there huh. I like to open sites in private mode a lot so my themes don’t use the original dark themes to work, but hey, each they’re own.