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    I know nearly nobody wants to read this stuff, so there’s a short takeaway from the section at the start of each one.


    OpenUserCSS is a platform where CSS developers can upload their custom themes. These are OpenUserCSS’s terms of use and apply to all users of the website (openusercss.org and openusercss.com) and forums (forums.openusercss.org and forums.openusercss.com).


    By using the website or the forums, you agree to these terms. You acknowledge that you have read and understood these terms. You also agree to our privacy policy, forum rules and any other policies posted on OpenUserCSS.

    Platform disclaimer

    Since OpenUserCSS is a platform (and even though effort is made to remove breaching content), it is not responsible for the quality, or the legality of the uploaded content.
    You can report infringing content by visiting the contact page.


    If these terms are changed, a notification will be pushed to you in the form of an unread badge in the navigation bar. If you’ve opted to receive the forum digest (setting available in your forum account settings), the modified article will be included in the e-mail.

    Account creation

    You must be at least 13 to register. You’re responsible for your account.

    When you register for an account you must provide us with accurate information. If you don’t provide us with accurate information then I may not be able to assist you with accessing your account. You are responsible for anything that occurs when anyone is signed in to your account, as well as the security of the account. If you believe your account is compromised, you must get in contact immediately.


    Go look at the rules

    You are responsible for any activity that occurs on your account. If you break the rules, or do something that is deemed harmful or otherwise inappropriate, your account may be terminated.
    You can report inappropriate behaviour by visiting the contact page.

    Content ownership

    You retain full ownership over what you post, but give OpenUserCSS permission to display and perform it. Make sure you have the right to use what you upload.

    You keep full ownership of all content that you post on OpenUserCSS, but to operate we need licenses from you.

    By posting content to OpenUserCSS you grant me a royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable, non-exclusive, sublicensable, worldwide license to use, reproduce, distribute, perform, publicly display or prepare derivative works of your content. The purpose of this license is to allow us to operate and promote OpenUserCSS and promote your content on the site. I’m not trying to steal your content or use it in an exploitative way.

    You may not post content that infringes on others’ intellectual property or proprietary rights.


    If I’m sued because of you, you have to help pay for it.

    You will indemnify me and OpenUserCSS from all losses and liabilities, including legal fees, that arise from these terms or relate to your use of OpenUserCSS. The right to exclusive control over the defense of a claim covered by this clause is reserved. If I use this right then you will help me in my defense.

    Your obligation to indemnify under this clause also applies to my affiliates, officers, directors, employees, agents and third party service providers.

    Final words

    These terms and any referenced policies are the entire agreement between you and us, and supersede all prior agreements. If any provision of these terms is held to be unenforceable, that provision is modified to the extent necessary to enforce it. If a provision cannot be modified, it is severed from these terms, and all other provisions remain in force. If either party fails to enforce a right provided by these terms, it does not waive the ability to enforce any rights in the future.

    If you have any questions, please get in touch by visiting the contact page!

  • I want to know if you are not going to allow themes for certain sites. Ex:

    • porn sites
    • hentai sites (I want to make a difference, so shut up)
    • pirate sites
    • too political stuff
    • gore stuff
    • dark web stuff… Keep in mind that my duckduckgo theme has the TOR onion link for it so I guess…

    Personally I tell you NOT TO BOTHER getting into the problem. The rabbit hole is DEEP.

  • Hmm, yeah, I do want to think about this. For now, there’s no ads on the site, so not much to worry about.
    I think I’ll add a switch to the theme editor that says something along the lines of ‘This theme contains adult content’, so it can be marked as such on search results, etc.

    This isn’t my final word, I just have this mindset right now.

  • Well, the theme doesn’t contain anything does it? The site is questionable.

    I guess one could use a pornographic image in their theme, or as the screenshot or something.

  • Anyway, think about it.

    Don’t be like a google tho, they have vary vague stupid guidelines.