Privacy policy

  • Thanks for checking out the Privacy Policy!
    It describes what data is collected during the site’s operation, and how they are being used to improve the site. I aim to collect only data that is genuinely useful and respect your privacy as much as possible.
    Feel free to send feedback either directly to me vie email, a private message or publicly by commenting below!

    Data collection

    The following information may be collected and stored by the server about your use of the site (includes both the forums and the main site):

    Data Why
    Your IP address To be able to limit queries
    Your registration data To be able to show your profile
    Your e-mail address To be able to log you in and to help prevent spam
    Your last known activity* To be able to show it on your profile
    A representation of your password To be able to log you in
    Anything you voluntarily submit, like themes and forum posts So that your recipients can read it

    * Your last known activity appears on your profile, and looks like this: Last seen yesterday, uploading a new theme

    The following information may be stored locally on your computer:

    • By the site:
    Data Why
    Your session token To be able to log you in
    A copy of the website HTML and static assets So that the site loads way faster and uses less bandwidth
    The last known application state See above
    • By the forums:
    Data Why
    Session tokens To be able to log you in
    Draft posts To save you from having to retype your post after a possible error
    Your bookmarks and whether or not they’re open So that it doesn’t have to be downloaded each time

    Of all this, personal data comprises of your full IP address, e-mail address and passphrase.
    Personal data are either not collected, or kept secret unless you decide to share them yourself.

    Everything else (themes, posts, public profile data) can be exposed on the website or the forums.

    Visit tracking

    OpenUserCSS uses Matomo to track basic website usage. In accordance with the rest of this Privacy Policy and my commitments, the following information is recorded:

    Data Why
    IP address (last three sections removed) To be able to approximate countries that give the site traffic
    Current date and time To be able to chronologically order requests
    User agent To be able to prioritise issues for popular browsers
    Page title and URL To be able to see which pages are used often
    Referrer URL To be able to see if an external site features OpenUserCSS
    Screen resolution To be able to identify bugs and prioritise responsiveness related issues
    Clicked links To be able to measure inter-page traffic
    Page generation time To be able to spot if the site gets slow
    Browser language So that I can see what languages I should initially support when I implement internationalization


    • No cookies are stored in your browser
    • The browser’s “Do Not Track” preferences are respected and requests containing it won’t be logged
    • As part of the open source mentality, collected data can be viewed here (site) and here (forums)
    • Data is kept at most for a year (+ 2 months in backups) from the time it was collected

    Error tracking

    When an error occurs within the application, diagnostic data is generated and sent to Sentry (operated by Functional Software), so that I can fix errors quicker and more efficently. Only the most essential data is stored and kept for at most for 7 days:

    • Error messages
    • Error traces
    • Application context (if any)
    • Browser name and version
    • Operating system name

    After the site is released out of alpha and beta status, this will become opt-in per error event. Sentry’s privacy policy is available here.
    Sentry is an open source application, check their source code out here.

    Feel free to comment on this thread with questions and criticism!

  • December 30th, 2017:

    • Added a section about Sentry

  • February 11th, 2018:

    • I just discovered that I have no idea how the site is being used by how many people, so I added a section about visit tracking, feedback welcome!
    • Added some separators and section titles
    • Improved grammar in some places