OpenUserCSS Tweaks userscript

  • hi there
    I wrote a user script that adds some features and fixes some bugs to improve your experience at

    OpenUserCSS Tweaks

    search theme profile

    some useful tweaks, that make working with the more convenient


    • displays version information for the themes on the profile page
    • restores the images, that have been cropped by site, since they do not fit in the image container, and resizes the container for more accurate placement.
      another advantage: these images support image zoom extensions
    • changes the view to a more compact
    • highlights the themes on hover
    • on the profile page: displays statistics by default, adds screenshots of themes, adds an edit button to go to the edit page directly from the profile page
    • on the edit page: removes variables (cause they is buggy now), makes the header (with save button) always available (sticky position)
    • changes the start page to the search page cause the start page often throws an error
    • use settings to enable/disable these options.

  • Nice work! Some of the settings seem to break the layout for me but the more options the better.

  • yes, I know about a couple of bugs and work on it.
    if you could write about what’s wrong I try to fix it too.