Number and Range variable types missing on editor

  • I was trying to upload some global theme I made, but it looks like the newer variables introduced on stylus 1.4.23, which are the number and range variables, aren’t supported in the site’s editor yet (thus rendering any theme that uses those variables to be unable to be uploaded to the site).

    Any news on if it will be implemented at any given time?
    I could avoid using those 2 types altogether, but… it would lose some “ease of use”, and also would require to mantain another style of the same thing (which can be cumbersome) to be uploaded here.

    The lastest update to the page seems to be from 8 months ago (on github), and the last answer from any mantainer of the site in the forum from 7 months ago, so I was wondering if busy, or the development for the page was halted.

  • I haven’t halted the site, but I have significantly less free time to maintain the site right now than I had before.
    The project’s due for some major refactoring to fix a few bugs and to support the new variable types. I’m willing to accept code contributions, and whenever my schedule lets me, I’m going to finish the parts I’ve long been planning to do.

    That said, it looks like it will take some time for me to free up a few days, but it definitely seems feasible.

  • Ah, thank you for the heads up! It’s good to know it’s still being developed.

    The site is pretty functional right now, so it’s alright if it takes some time for some fixes. Just wanted to make sure that it was still going!