How to use variables for custom styling?

  • I’ve come from Userstyles cause of 2 reasons.
    This site looks 10x better. And not being shady.

    But I’ve not figured out how to use the variables.
    Can someone tell me how?

  • I think the information is here:

    But I’m not actually sure because I’m just trying to get the hang of how it all works, myself. Definitely different than the method on userstyles. (Enough that I’m publishing the style I’m trying to get finished today both places simply because it uses variables.)

  • Well, I can’t make heads or tails of this in a way that the site will allow to upload, and I have no inkling of an idea why. Stylus also won’t save despite my code looking exactly like the examples they put forward.

    I’m kind of livid right now and trying to avoid blowing up but oh my goodness, if either the site or the extension could actually explain what’s wrong, I’d probably have a 500% easier time.

    My inability to figure this out is the entire reason I’m using anymore at all at this point since it’s filled with obnoxious “Stylish for Android” ads every few pages now.

  • Well, I managed to make some sort of heads or tails of it after a few hours of work (though I couldn’t get checkbox code to save in Stylus, but I was able to convert the code to a different type that let me define it differently).

    Still can’t upload, but I don’t understand what an “invalid session” error entails and I can’t find a single thing about it that would help me.