Why does style description editing suck?

  • Earlier today, I was working on my very first theme here, a transplant from userstyles.org when I saw I could not be quite as fancy with the description editing, and despite following Github’s markdown cheatsheet I was unable to render a list.

    Any efforts to incorporate an unordered list of changes ends up with a GraphQL error which is equally parts frustrating and discouraging.

    What the hell am I doing wrong? Is this just because the website is beta and needs more work?

  • Even though the site’s in beta, description editing should already support markdown.
    List item indicators are hidden because they mess up the current design. Before release, I’m going to rewrite the frontend with an actual framework (currently it’s just Bulma and some CSS).

  • Thanks for letting me know. Sorry for being so coarse with my inquiry, I had a headache and I was frustrated with how hard it was to write aesthetically-pleasant text and not encounter a GraphQL error.