Breaking API changes in a few days

  • I’ve been rewriting most of the API so that it’s going to be a much better groundwork for future changes, less buggy and it will actually use the advantages GraphQL brings to the table.

    I expect many currently open issues to be solved by this change, but it means that current consumers of the API will have to be changed to adhere to the new spec.
    Please let me know if you have any questions, or if you have feedback!

  • I’ve uploaded the new schema to the staging API!
    Also included is a feature where if you visit the API with a browser, you’ll get the nice GraphQL Playground that’ll let you browse features that will be included in the next release. Head over to the green schema tab on the right to explore!

    Keep in mind that most of the features are still running under the old logic, so running queries will probably result in an error, but the schema is largely done with only some minor changes coming up.