August maintenance window

  • It’s been a while since I was able to work on the forums, so here goes another window. 🔧

    On the 10th this month, I’ll be bringing the forums down for much needed updates and bugfixes. I’ll make a post once I figure out the exact timings.

  • You do announce the maintenance like many people will be inconvenienced by it.


  • It’s good practice to tell people when the service goes down, so it doesn’t come as a surprise. This way it’s also clear that the site didn’t crash and it’ll come back up in a bit.

  • It was a stab at the site having too few people to even notice tho…

  • Ah well rip me 😆

  • Aaand done!
    I think this one was the fastest to complete, somehow there weren’t any issues jumping multiple major versions. 👌🏼

    Edit: Well, none that caught my attention, that is. Let me know if some new bugs turn in!

  • My beloved bug is still there. My themes are terribly out of date dude. I am thinking of deleting them and putting them back up at this point.

    On another note, the theme list does not remember last used order. I want by name reversed (why is reversed alphabetical tho?!) to stick, but it doesn’t.

  • This was just forums maintenance, your bug requires a new database driver, so it will be take a bit to fix it. Currently I’m working on external imports (like GitHub). After that, I’m going to fix your bug since if I didn’t, it would impact future development.

    Thanks for reporting the ordering! Can you create an issue about it to make sure I’ll be able to get to it?

  • Actually the github import might fix my issue.

    I will.