Boilerplate for user style projects

  • How do you develop themes? Total noob. I’m finishing up my first theme that I’ve been toying over on and off the last few weeks. I have experience in software dev, but this is my first foray into web tech. Looking back over my theme, I decided to break it down in to boilerplate to possibly use on other themes. So in the last 30 min I pared it down to:

    Far from finished, it converts sass, runs autoprefixer and has target to run stylelint.

    I want to break out the metadata in the header of the main sass file and put it in a userstyle.json file, and write a small node module to add that preamble to the user.css file and to convert that to a user.js file. Maybe another script to search-and-replace a few fields to customize the theme.

    It’s a good project for me to learn on. I’m just wondering if it’s useful to others? Is there something similar already out there? Or do most develop in the browser? I’m trying to gauge how far to take it and, mainly, how much polish to put on it.

  • Such an awesome idea!
    Check out this repo for the module you’re looking for: