Calling for translators

  • I’m soon going to be preparing the site for translation. If you want to help translate OpenUserCSS to your native language, please comment down below, or e-mail me!

    The site is currently in English (en_GB), so if you’re from the USA or nearby regions, you can still help patch grammar details to English (en_US).

    When commenting or e-mailing, please include this information:

    I also want to ask that if you know someone who you think can also help, please let them know to see if they want to join and translate some strings!


  • German, level 8.

    EDIT: Nevermind, I did the test and it says level 9? Apparently they don’t test for command of the language above a certain level, which I appear to have reached.

  • Polish
    level 5

  • Pipe dreams IMO

    Let me expand when I dont agree with site translations (from experience).

    1. They go into disrepair really quick (when the only translator disappears) T
    2. End up to be incomplete (because it requires a huge initial commitment many many long hours)
    3. Most translations are really poor quality because you cant quality control, you need dedicated maintainers (level 7 or higher) to approve other translators strings.

    Then there’s forums, you cant translate forum contents from English, but putting that aside, then you need to contend with specific forum languages(which eventually is a progression and make their appearance) and or people asking for support in any language but English and no one replies because they dont know or provide bad advice.

    Lets not forget people asking for help dont know how to ask in ANY language even their own.

    Grow first translate later. If this is really necessary to translate.
    Many successful international online communities only support English and they dont have shortage of users from all walks of life or nationality.

    Only massive online communities with hundreds of thousands of users and moderators/admins and so on, get to even get anything decent in that respect (of doing translation) and even then its not good enough and overall experience is less than good.

    Nice piece of devils advocacy, eh?

    Waste of time and effort for a community taking off, You need to assure a good amount and steady stream of translators.

    So then you have them and where do you do this? GitHub, Transifex yet another service?

  • I’m setting up Transifex to accept translation strings. I’ve used the site before as a translator and it’s very efficient at doing what it’s made to be.
    I don’t mind having incomplete translations, since there will of course be a switch that lets people use the site in any language they’d like, or switch to the default. There’s also the option of paying for professional translators to finish languages if one happens to get abandoned outright.

    I’m aware of the risks that people will come asking in broken English, but I think that it’s possible to make it clear that the forums are English only. Because the Internet is a global thing, I think this is inevitable regardless of whether or not the site is available in multiple languages.

  • Romanian. I did not take that test but I am at least a 7 (considering I was doing C2 in highschool which is 8 ).

    Translating tho… know? Get out of beta you greedy bastard 😛

    In all honesty I see no reason to translate the site. Themes will have descriptions in english. Want to translate those too? The people who want a theme for a site should be at least familiar enough with the english language in order to even find the site in the first place. If they don’t know the language tough luck. This ain’t japanese you know? English is a global language and I don’t see why somebody has to bother translating a site because you are lazy to learn the language that you should know anyway.

    Btw, I did translate Stylus in romanian myself. And that took quite a long time. I have not revisited it yet to see if they added anything new (I am sure they did). Imagine I will do the same with openusercss, let it “wait”.

  • Im glad not to be only one thinking like that 🙂 @RaitaroH 👍

    Here let me translate the site and forums in two minutes. I dont speak any English and I really must OpenUserCSS, What to do what to do?

    English to Hungarian

    English to Japanese,15700021,15700124,15700149,15700168,15700186,15700190,15700201&usg=ALkJrhjyfl27I2SRUpDumxeVmnzYeB3AYA

    Lets try the forums… This thread…,15700021,15700124,15700149,15700168,15700186,15700190,15700201&usg=ALkJrhhn3P3CSYI2h60bHdHJYB0B1ciOuQ

    Yep, not perfect… and its one all strings all the time.
    In in a pinch for the 0.01% of people (because justifying suchlabour intensive task for a small minority) who dont speak ANY English that’s better than nothing and better than most translations I’ve seen anyway. OK My Hungarian is level -100 🙂

    And you can contribute better translations for anything without registrations and hoops to jump.

  • Chinese(Traditional), level 4
    I don’t know whether it is enough to translate the site.
    But I could give some help if needed.

  • Thanks for volunteering!
    I’ve added Chinese to the project on Transifex. I’ll let you know when the project is prepared for translation.