1.0.0 Release!

  • After a time period that’s way longer than I intended, I think the v1.0.0 release is ready for deployment! 🎉

    So tomorrow (on the 10th), I’ll be pushing the new version onto production, which will fix numerous bugs (along with probably creating a couple).

    This means that tomorrow, I’ll be making manual backups along with the daily automatic one, as well as migrating the database to the new schema, just in case anything changed. The site might go down periodically in this window, which is normal.

  • ㊗ May the force be with you. 🌬

  • Yay! Very excited 😄

  • I’ve completed the migration and put the site live! There are a couple of small issues to work out (like the version string in the footer, or how modals look), but it should be in a way better state than it was before!

    This update to 1.0.0 brings a change to the database schema to the ratings, which means that they had to be reset. Previously, when you rated a theme, it just added your rating to an average. Now it saves the rating item like any other. This means that later on, when I integrate the forums, it will be possible to see who rated the theme and sent feedback.
    So due to the way ratings used to be saved, it’s not possible to migrate them to the new format, which means that from the alpha to the beta, I had to reset them to zero.

  • There are more than a couple I can see 🙂

    That said congratulations. ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐