• They just couldn’t have the GDPR without something bad 🍤

  • Hi, my government is actually principally responsible for this and they’ve been pushing it for years thanks to the press lobby. 😑
    GDPR was somewhat of a win but every single bill is a very hard-fought battle against many insanely dumb ideas by the commission and the EPP.

  • 🤦♂ 🤦♂

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    TBH You cant get a bunch of people who have no idea about internet technologies and positive things to come out of it to be in charge of anything like this.
    All they know is news about doxying (and other things) or hacking websites for obtaining millions upon millions of personal details and details being misused by large companies (facebook/google) and individuals and so on. So they feel like they have to regulate all cases to the detriment of other unrelated things such as this (which was why the intrawebs was invented)…

    Its always been like this in real life, blanket dumb laws that are meant to cover one issue end up messing with unrelated things.

    And this is why I’m hesitant to share any of my real information phone numbers and other data with 99.99% of any online anything.
    I also have a blanket policy, screw them all 🙂