Microsoft might buy GitHub

  • So what are your thoughts?

    Moving to GitLab…

  • I don’t think Microsoft is that agressive anymore, considering the way they’ve interacted with the open source community in recent years. I’m not sure though what they would hope to achieve with that acquisition.

    I’m planning to ditch Git anyhow, and move to Pijul. The Nest ( still needs quite some polish, but will hopefully be usable as a replacement sometime.

    EDIT: They want to and need to boost Azure. Apprently it now rivals both Office and Windows in revenue size. A deep integration with Github for trivial deployment could be a boon to compete with AWS.

  • If I’m moving anyehere, it’s going to be self-hosted, but if Microsoft manages no not mess up GH after they buy it. They do have the expertise to make a great site. Just not sure they have the vision and will to stick up for open source.
    We’ll have to see I guess. Both outcomes are fine by me, since I already have a git server, but others maybe not.

  • Oh hey, they both confirmed it’s happening, but not for a couple of months. So people who want to move have rollover ⏲

  • The true power of Github is the low friction to contribute (be it for code or in issues) and high explorability - something that self-hosted versions cannot boast. If we’d like to keep source hosting decentralized it is necessary to extend the protocol to the things happening around the mere code itself.

  • So its happened, MS Bought GitHub. Is the end nigh?

    My thoughts… mmm Microsoft doesnt care about users, GitHub support has always been cordial but ultimately do NOTHING about anything. Im sure Enterprise users get actual support vs OSS GitHub users, anyway all this to say, in that they are matched.

    GitHub develops Atom, I love Atom, prefer it over any other product, which I use to integrate also with GitHub do my commits/PR’s etc, Microsoft has competing products, so I wonder what will happen to Atom.

    I can integrate Travis CI/Appveyor to build Windows executables for other projects, all is for OSS and free, if adding these things becomes a tradeoff for MS crapware then I seriously need to think about an alternative.

    If Microsoft starts fondling with the basics trying to shift to their BS closed source nonsense Ill just ditch all of it, Gitlab is out of the question, its like the poor cousin and looks like ass.

    Ive never been a bandwagon kind of guy, I hate MS’s policies post Bill, I revile their Windows development BS policies, ultimately despise their contempt/disregard for Windows users, and if they cripple GitHub and their products in favor of their closed source crap, then good riddens.

    GitLab would have to grow exponentially and develop better frontends, I like nice looking visual stuff thats functional, GitLab is meh, a challenge, like re-learning how to walk.

  • GitLab is at least mostly open source though, and you can self host it.