Problem to post a theme : Entity Too Large

  • I’m really looking forward to being able to import from somewhere else.
    My Google Dark Search userstyle is currently at 176KB and still growing (albeit rather slowly), therefore minification is unlikely to do the job. 😉
    The one thing that should be considered is what happens if the original host goes down - will noone be able to install the userstyle anymore? That would suck, since many websites don’t change their CSS for years on end, meaning even unsupported styles might still be useful.

  • 1 -
    Github option should be great (but limited in size too if you are no Pro).
    Import from other sites like it but without limitations (?) .

    2 -
    Minified , i am not a fan:
    I use comments a lot (its more easy too maintain or modify for others users if CSS is commented).
    The size matter but some sites(cf Flickr / Mozillia Addon) are huge , change their design a lot and i use usesrtyles to move many things :
    that’s needs a lot of css (i can’t always group my selectors to gain on size).
    Principally because it’s difficult to know the effect of some selectors on all pages of these big sites and it take time before i see where is a mistake .

  • Eh, you can still take minified and pass it in Stylus beautifier and presto all human readable again, comments arent lost, its just all squished together.

  • I think it could just be an option on the edit page that minified the editor’s code when clicked, along with a size warning if the theme exceeds a certain size.

  • Any new about the size limit ( or not…)

  • I’ve been able to look into options and spread infrastructure but I’m working on GitHub integration as we speak so that will be a good way to import large themes in the future.

  • Wait and see …

  • Can we post large userstyle now ?

  • Not yet, right now I’m really time constrained to work on stuff other than the refactoring. There will be an option to redirect a theme to GitHub or another external host in the future though.

  • Thanks .
    I think it’s an important option.