Google Dark Search

  • Hey there!
    I’m making good progress on my color-customizable dark Google Search theme and am now ready to release it for beta - and I would be really glad if you could help me test it and give some feedback. 🙂

    Unfortunately OpenUserCSS currently doesn’t support
    uploading userstyles of that size yet, so you’ll have to get it from Github.

    The style uses the Stylus preprocessor to avoid duplication and implement some advanced color adaptations.
    For that reason and because the !important keyword is avoided it relies on the Stylus extension instead of being compatible with Stylish.

    Before the 1.0 release I will ensure unusual color choices work well and the contrast setting is effective throughout the theme, in addition to adding some widgets I’ve missed so far or not prioritized - it is however already pretty complete and should be perfectly usable in its default configuration.

    Thanks for your time!

  • Looks awesome!

    The only issue I found so far is that most components of the feedback form aren’t themed.
    To reproduce, search something that has smart cards, (“Adele” for example) then click “Give general feedback” after clicking the small “Feedback” link on the bottom right:


    This is how the form looks for me:


  • Oh wow. I never even thought to click on that (despite spending dozens of minutes specifically making sure the feedback links all had the same color). ^-^'
    Shows how sometimes things are hidden in plain sight.

    I’ll fix it after dinner, thanks a lot! 🙂

    EDIT: In addition to a few other things that should be looking alright now.

  • Looks fine to me.

    If you are interested, I made a Google Translate dark theme some time ago. Maybe I can try to find it.

  • @tkosamja: If it is well documented I’d be interested for sure. You’ll notice the repo is called just ‘Google Dark’, so expanding eventually is part of the plan.

    I just released the hordes upon the userstyle, hopefully many adopt both Stylish and this style.

  • Adoption seems to be going quite well since I altered the old userstyle to display a big fat red warning to users (although I don’t have an install count on Github). I’m looking forward to be able to host it on here instead of there 😕

  • I’ve hit upon quite a problem where I am missing a method to recolor icons (meaning images with transparency) to a specific target color in Chrome / Blink.
    In Firefox I use an inline SVG filter with a calculated feColorMatrix.
    Maybe any of you CSS gurus can help me out with this?

  • I think I can help with that, can you point to a line of code and an element on the site that this problem affects?

  • @hyperfekt… yeah so here are my complaints, which boil down to: inconsistent and too many variables.

    1. too many variables, srsly cut them out. I can do 6. I could do 3 to be honest. SERIOUSLY CUT THEM DOWN. Customizing this is very annoying. To get less vars simply use opacity or filters. That’s what I do and it looks fine. Also you REALLY don’t need 10 different text colors when 3 (colored, default, darker) is enough… and this comes from a guy who loves settings so there you go.

    2. change out the link colors from time to time would ya? You will notice that you have at least 10% more work to do 😛

    #foot #navcnt a {
        color: #4285f4;
        font-weight: normal;

    This footer link (the numbers in the results, next that stuff) are not themed.

    1. Make up your mind with colors really. So do u want black for delimiters? Or u want gray? Go the the apps from google, now go to account. See how everything seems like it was done by different people 😕 Yeah I mean damn thousands of lines. I admire your work but make it more consistent.
    2. On the consistent thing, can you make the hover consistent a bit. Have all buttons look alike and hover the same. The search buttons are darker than the account ones, they get white text on hover, the settings buttons don’t etc etc.

    Also as a recommendation for you and really anyone who makes a dark theme: fire up a virtual machine, install plasma (kubuntu is fine) take a look at the best dark theme ever. See how everything is consistent.

    Anyway besides these stuff nice theme (no but really cut the vars man, I mean heck I was even considering having Breeze Dark as an option instead of individual colors because I find it annoying to change 6 vars let alone… 20 like you have)

  • Also god dammit I need to theme the forum 😕

    Yo @DecentM is it just me who doesn’t get recommendations for @?
    Also what is with the terrible emoji choice? I swear in the chat they looked different last time I checked.

  • Woah don’t you disparage the Google blobs, they’re cute as heck 😥

    1. I agree, providing a few predefined themes should definitely be done, so you can change them all at once, also the different brightnesses could be calculated from the main color. The theme really isn’t quite there for customizing yet.
    2. Not quite sure what you mean by that? The paging links are actually the special Google Blue, not a link blue, that’s why they’re not changed (like all the other places where the Google Blue is used). I might want to offer an option to change that Blue to something else though, thanks.
    3. & 4. I am emulating the original styling extremely closely, so the inconsistencies come straight from Google. For now it’s just a recoloring and changing the style is a bit out of scope (the most extreme thing I’ve done is give the containers a different background), but I’ll definitely look into that.

    1. You don’t have to provide different themes exactly. If you want to I already have many you can choose from. I used to use deepdark on my old laptop because the screen was bad. Now I use breeze-dark because it looks better. Unfortunately my color schemes may not work for you because they might have less colors, but deepdark, breezedark, arcdark, vertexdark etc etc are existing themes. You could even provide youtube as well to have a consistent youtube/google experience.
    2. I meant what I said. The page numbers and next/prev links are LINKS and they should be changed as well. I don’t see why you would want to keep them separate for some reason.
      3&4 I know google and youtube are inconsistent as hell. So why do the same mistake as them 😛