Forum rules

  • If these rules change you should be notified in the form of an unread topic notification 🔴

    Treat others like you would like to be treated!

    • Do be polite 🕴
    • Do respect others
    • Do use proper grammar as much as you can
    • Do resurrect old threads if you have something meaningful to add
      • But don’t just say “Thanks”, because it makes the forum spammy, use upvotes ⬆
        alt text

    • Do use English to write your message
      • Feel free to use a translation service to do this 🗜
      • You can also include your message in your native language after the English version
    • Do format your post instead of writing a wall of text using the preview window on the right 🦄

    • Don’t post copyrighted stuff you don’t own 👮🏽
    • Don’t do things that would prevent others from using the site
    • Don’t post things that are illegal either in the EU or wherever you live
    • Don’t create off-topic posts in a topic
      • Avoid asking a new question on an existing topic, create your own instead
      • Respect the category you’re in. For example, don’t ask about CSS authoring in the category.
    • Don’t post short/meaningless messages
    • Don’t insult or otherwise cause harm to anyone based upon their gender, skin tone, political views or belief 👍🏻 👍🏼 👍🏾

    Basically, use common sense and provide a service to the readers of your post!

    If you believe someone is breaking these rules, or they otherwise need to be looked at, you can report a post using the context menu next to the reply button here: