April maintenance window

  • Since the last window, updates have come out for the stack powering the forums. So I’m designating the 15th this month for maintenance.

    No time window this time, I’ll be able to nail that down in a few days.

  • The maintenance is complete! 🎉

    Notable changes:

    • Updated NodeBB to v1.8.2
      • Completely rewritten, new chat system
      • Switched to the default Persona theme, as the previous one is broken in this version
    • Removed the questions and answers plugin
    • Deactivated and uninstalled numerous other unused plugins
    • Implemented my new branding scheme on buttons and the navigation bar 🌟

    The new look is a preview of how v1.0.0 of OpenUserCSS will look. If you have any feedback, make sure to post them here, on GitHub or by e-mail!