Importing styles from

  • Hello, I have recently archived all styles, including screenshots.
    I am wondering if I can repost all of them here (or if you can import them yourself on the back-end, it’d be much faster).

    I’ve published API responses for over 150k styles, available at my Gitlab

    If we do end up importing styles, it would be a good idea to only import those with a permissive license.

  • Wow, that’s a lot of them!
    I have thought about some sort of importing before, but ultimately ended up rejecting that idea. Here’s why:

    • The original author won’t be there to maintain the theme(s) when the site they’re made for changes
    • If all (or some) the styles were to be imported, how would the site determine the author?
      • Dummy user -> The theme would never be updated
      • One maintainer -> Pretty much the same, I can’t expect just one person to maintain and fix thousands of themes
      • The original maintainer -> No way to contact them. Even if there was, I can’t just start sending spam e-mails saying something along the lines of “Hey, your theme is hosted here now, go register and claim it!”
    • I personally don’t feel comfortable copying other sites, inevitably creating lower quality content just for the sake of numbers.

    To further drive my point, I picked this screenshot at random. I doubt it still works 😉

    All in all, I see the appeal in mass importing themes, but the negatives outweigh the advantages in my opinion. I think encouraging quality over quantity is going to be a key point in having a useful site.

    That said, if you want to pick some themes you personally want to keep alive, feel free to post them under your account! Just make sure its license allows it.

    (also lol @ GitLab crashing over the amount of files)

  • Neah, as a style creator myself I have simply made an account than uploaded my themes. I totally agree with DM. And yeah, why fill a new site with a ton of dead themes. To give you an example, I have a whatsapp theme that is really hard to keep up to date because the site changes very often. I can pretty much say that most whatsapp themes are broken.

    On a similar note, I would love github fetching for easier updates… and changelog fetching from the commit names. That would be awesome.

  • As Author, If it possible to import MY Userstyles here should be a good idea:
    I have so may styles on Userstyles…
    The import form should include checkbox to choose which styles to import:
    Like that we can import only usable and not deleted userstyles.
    2 -
    Maybe at the import, you can add :
    “imported by its author from usertyles account of XXXX + link” .
    If we edit it, we can remove this mention:
    Like that an other user can see if author take care of this code.

    Stay the problem of the CSS code size…

  • @decembre pretty sure that is a bit much to ask. Basically @DecentM should have some way to get all the links in your profile, then to get all the links to the themes…

    BUT! Import from gitlab. Now that would be nice.

  • I think userstyles has an API, It could be an interesting way to spend a day, trying to import stuff. The bigger issue is actually solving how to do the import. Doing it server side would be a bad idea, since they can just blacklist the IP.
    I think a desktop app would be the best idea, since it’s decentralised and there would be no strain on the server. This is a bit further off though, I want to get the site to stable for now.