Message erased when trying to post without confirmed email

  • Minor issue affecting only first time users, but when you try to submit a post before your email has been confirmed, the error message pops up (makes sense) and your post is erased from the compose box (probably not intended).

    I did not try this with anything besides the quick reply in a thread.

    Could this be fixed?

  • Thanks for reporting this!

    Yeah, that’s definitely not intended. The post is supposed to even be saved locally in case the connection is lost, etc.
    I’ll look into this, but no promises as to how quickly I can get this fixed. Worst case scenario, I’ll have to open an issue with NodeBB itself.

    I opened this issue to be able to track it with the others:

  • So I’ve looked into this a bit, and even with the theme switched this persists, which means I can’t directly fix this because it’s in the NodeBB core. I don’t want to open an issue on them, because it only affects people once if any.

    If this becomes a large problem I’ll reopen and fix this, but for now, I’d much rather focus on more pressing things.

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention anyway!