Second January maintenance window

  • To mitigate against Meltdown and Spectre, Linode will be rebooting all of their servers. This includes all of the infrastructure under OUC.

    Even though I already made steps to mitigate them as much as I could, this requires restarting the host machine.

    They haven’t told me yet when this will happen other than soon, so if you feel like checking out the details, look here: Otherwise, I’ll update this thread as I get further details.

    I’ll probably look into forum issues brought up on GitHub as well when this time comes. 🎉

  • The first phase of the maintenance will be at 2018-01-19 02:00 AM GMT according to my dashboard.
    After that, I’ll post info here about forum downtime, just like in

  • Since a week ago, both I and my host have completed the first phase of this maintenance, but further phases remain as far as the host is concerned.
    I’m designating a window of 6 hours again (6am - 12pm) on 29th for the forums downtime window, so that I can look at the bugs raised on the issue tracker.

  • I’ve completed this maintenance 🎉

    Here’s a list of what happened:

    • Changed the theme to Material by Pichalite, because the previous one was causing a bunch of issues ⛔ 🐛
      • Fixed the chat titles not being shown
      • Fixed switching between chat threads
      • Fixed the composer crashing in some situations
      • Removed fixes related to the old theme to clean up the CSS
    • Upgraded NodeBB to 1.7.4
    • Added a slick sidebar with useful info ✨
    • Updated plugins and dependencies that also fixed some bugs
    • Extended the social network integration with post sharing

    My host still has some maintenance pending related to the two vulnerabilities, but that should only be a few minutes of downtime whenever they do it.